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ADDLUX is an innovative signage and wayfinding company based in UAE. We manufacture, deliver and install the highest quality interior and exterior signage and wayfinding & signage design across multiple sectors. Your signage is your voice: it’s how you communicate with the world.

We use cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials to give your business the platform it deserves. We pride ourselves in delivering our clients the best cost effective product and We look forward to promote your brand to make it proud and to stand unique.

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Signage & Wayfinding Design

We have a depth of knowledge and experience in wayfinding and signage for the Academic, Healthcare, Retail and Commercial, Residential, Civic, Transportation and Multi-Sectors, We follow best practice guidelines in everything that we do and wherever possible, Our work helps people to understand and navigate their way through the spaces and places they visit, we work with products that are environmentally-friendly and are from recycled or sustainable sources.

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